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Roof Maintenance Naples, FL

Here in Southwest Florida our mold is like no other in the country. Normally it should be between 3-4 years between roof cleanings, but down here your roof shingles need to be cleaned and maintained on average every 2 years. The perfect growth conditions for mold includes high humidity, homes located near water or homes which are shaded by vegetation. Continued power washing of your roof opens the pores in your roofing material which actually gives mold a better place to grow. Along with the dragging of hoses across your roof or the caustic chemicals some companies use it easy to see why mold grows back so quickly.

We have a roof maintenance solution that protects your roof, is environmentally safe, USDA approved, 100% biodegradeable and safe to be used around children, pets, and plants. This method includes a once a year product application to protect, restore and maintain your investment.

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