Focus on Roof Maintenance Tips at the End of Summer

Roof MaintenanceRoof repair or replacement can be expensive. This is the reason why roof maintenance is crucial to ensure it remains in the best condition possible. Regular roof cleaning and other maintenance practices will extend its lifespan and prevent you from incurring costly replacement in future. It is advisable to carry out your roof maintenance during the summer or at the end of it as it gets dangerous and complicated to do it during the winter season. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your roof in great shape.

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Roof Life Expectancy and Maintenance

roof washing and roof cleaning Naples Florida

A building’s roof is perhaps the most important part of a building envelope. The main purpose of a roof is to protect against rain, but in many locations, a roof may need to protect against much more than just rain. Different roofing systems may be able to afford different degrees of protection. Regardless of your location and roofing system, one thing will always be critical in protecting your roof, proper maintenance.

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What Can You Safely Clean with a Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers power through some of our least favorite cleaning jobs in no time. It’s just plain satisfying to see the accumulated grime of a year (or three) blasted from our driveways, walkways and decks with nothing more than the concentrated force of water. While it’s understandably tempting to apply this labor-saving technology to all our cleaning tasks, pressure washers can cause serious damage to some surfaces.

What can you clean with a pressure washer?

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