Want To Protect Your Patio Furniture? Here Is How

We all hate it when we walk outside ready to enjoy a beautiful afternoon only to be greeted by broken, wet, stained, or dusty patio furniture. While most patio furnishings are durable and can withstand harsh elements for a long time, regular maintenance can help you ensure they last for seasons to come. Here are five time-tested steps that can help you protect your patio sets from all possible threats and expand their lifespan.

Use Weatherproofing Formula

Applying weatherproofing formula to the frame surface will help you protect your outdoor furniture from water damage and UV rays. However, you should be careful and take necessary precautions when using a weatherproofing formula because it can cause severe damage to you or someone else if no handles with care. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.

For metal furniture, wax can help you protect your furniture from rust. Besides, it gives your furniture a new look. You can also paint your metallic furniture with a silicone sealant or protective paints to keep rust at bay.

Covering It

Using tough protective covering to cover your outdoor chairs, sofas, and tables can go a long way towards expanding their lifespan. Made from a range of high-quality materials like vinyl, polyesters, and canvas, these protective covers are often UV-resistant and waterproof. Sometimes, these coverings come with convenient buckles that ensure that they stay fitted. If you don’t have these protective covers, you can also use plastic tarps or old sheets to cover your furniture. All you have to do is ensure that the covers you use will at least keep water, saints, dust, and debris off your furniture when not in use.

Storing It

Don’t always leave your outdoor furniture outside. There are many places that you can store it including a storage shed, garage, or a storage facility. When storing your outdoor furniture, especially those made of wood, make sure you elevate it off the floor. This will protect the furniture from water, moisture, and dirt.

Turn Them Into Indoor Furniture

When you leave your outdoor furniture unprotected, you risk damage from wild animals, bad weather, and general disuse. Therefore, if you don’t have enough storage space or protective covers to protect your outdoor furniture from harmful elements, turn them into indoor furniture. You don’t have to stop using your patio sets just because the grilling season has ended. No! Some outdoor sets, especially those made of hardwood, make beautiful indoor furniture. If you have extra space in your living room or any other area in your house, why not let your outdoor furniture help you transform your living room during winter? Using them as indoor furniture will help you keep them from harmful elements as you wait for summer to set your patio back.

Cleaning It

Your outdoor furniture is supposed to look good, right? You should make it look good by cleaning it well. Even in nice weather, your patio picks moisture, stains, and dirt. Its, therefore, important to ensure you clean it regularly.   Power washing will help your outdoor furniture maintain its stunning look. You should also ensure you use pressure washer safe detergent when washing your furniture. This will help protect them and protect you from health risks.

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