Help for Florida Hurricane Irma Victims


Hurricane Irma has caused extensive damage throughout Florida. This has disrupted lives and caused severe damage leaving many people in a position of having to completely replace or repair their homes. However, what many may not know is that there is FREE HELP available via a program called Crisis Cleanup. Crisis Cleanup consists of volunteers who are willing to work one-on-one with hurricane and other disaster victims at no charge.

The phone number for this assistance is 1-800-451-1954. These people are available on a first come first served basis and the program will close on September 30. More information about Crisis Cleanup can be found on the web at https://www.crisiscleanup.

This volunteer program is especially designed for those who need immediate help and do not have insurance to cover this kind of catastrophe. This clean up includes such things as removing damaged furniture, taking down damaged dry wall, pressure cleaning driveways and/or the many other things that are required to restore one’s home to its original condition.

This storm has affected everyone in the storm area, some more than others. While some people can do the work themselves, or have relatives to help, others simply need muscle to help them move things out of the building or put a temporary rain barrier on their roof. Others require more things to be done.

Many people affected by this storm are unable to make repairs themselves and need help. The Crisis Cleanup group lets it be known that applicants will not receive an immediate response immediately as to whether or not they have been accepted for the program. However, eventually a return call will be made.

When damaged furniture and other goods have been moved out of a home that has been affected by water damage, there is always possible damage from mold. Mold not only looks bad but can affect one’s health if it is not removed immediately. This means that drywall showing mold should be removed and the area thoroughly dried.

Whether you are doing the cleanup work yourself or having someone else do it, power washing is a way to complete the work quickly and efficiently. This consists of a machine that uses a high-pressure water spray to remove mold, mud and other materials from surfaces on concrete surfaces and buildings. This eliminates the labor required when trying to remove this damage by a water hose.

Catastrophes, such as Hurricane Irma, bring out the best in people. This is shown by the major response the people of Florida have received from people all over the country. It is people helping people and help can be found in many emergency programs, in addition to Crisis Cleanup, that have been established for this purpose.

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