Focus on Roof Maintenance Tips at the End of Summer

Roof MaintenanceRoof repair or replacement can be expensive. This is the reason why roof maintenance is crucial to ensure it remains in the best condition possible. Regular roof cleaning and other maintenance practices will extend its lifespan and prevent you from incurring costly replacement in future. It is advisable to carry out your roof maintenance during the summer or at the end of it as it gets dangerous and complicated to do it during the winter season. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your roof in great shape.

Inspecting Your Roof

You should inspect your roof at least twice in a year to easily prevent a number of general roofing problems. Ensure you use rubber-soled shoes if it is necessary to get on the roof to prevent causing damage. You can safely use a pair of binoculars to conduct the roof inspection and look for any curling, damaged or missing shingles. A thorough inspection of your roof will inform you of the various roof cleaning procedures to carry out.

Cleaning Your Gutter

Gutters are an important part of your roof as they are responsible for collecting water from it and directing it into the ground away from the foundation. This exposes your gutters to all kinds of clutter like pine needles, twigs, seedpods and bird’s nests. This debris ought to be cleaned to ensure smooth flow of rain water down from the roof to the ground. You can do the gutter cleaning on your own as you only need a strong ladder, gutter brush, trowel, bucket, gloves and a garden hose. You should remove the huge items from the gutters and then use the brush or trowel to get rid of the sludge.

Tree Trimming

Trees are serious culprits for causing roof damage especially when they are near your house. The branches can scrape your roof and the fallen twigs and foliage may clog the gutters. Trees grow abundantly during the summer and spring seasons, and this presents the best time to trim them to protect your roof from potential damage.

Treatment of Algae and Mold

Mold and algae thrive well during the humid summer season. If you notice any signs of algae or moss on your roof, you should remove them before they exert permanent damage on it. Ensure that you use your pressure washer carefully when roof washing to remove the moss and algae without washing off the granules that protect your shingles from sunlight.

Removing Moss Growths

Moss could appear on your roof due to the summer rains that stimulate its growth. When moss sprouts in the spaces between your roof shingles, it causes extensive damage to its structural integrity. You should remove the moss immediately it appears via thorough roof cleaning the roof and installing zinc or copper strips to prevent moss from returning.

Final Thoughts

Roof maintenance is an activity that is often ignored, but these small problems can lead to a costly replacement or repair in future. Roof cleaning should be done regularly to prevent extensive damages and expensive repairs/replacement. You can follow all the above tips to clean your roof in the summer before issues on it are covered by snow and ice during winter.

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