Cleaning Outdoor furniture

pressure washing outdoor furniture

Just as the furniture inside your home can become filthy over time, the same holds true for your outdoor furnishings. In fact, because these pieces are outdoors and exposed to the elements, your pets and more, they may even get dirtier than the pieces inside your home. The last thing you want when you are preparing to relax on your patio and enjoy fresh air and the sunshine is to realize that your chairs and other furnishings are filthy. These steps can help you to keep your pieces clean and well-maintained.

Focus on the Fabric:  Many types of outdoor furniture have soft or plush upholstery that makes the furniture more comfortable to lounge on. You may be able to remove the covers to your cushions and toss them into the washing machine. If not, you may be able to spray the bulk of the dirt off of the fabric using your garden hose. Some material may need to be scrubbed. If this is the case, test out a small section of the fabric by cleaning it with a scrub brush and a mild soapy mixture. If your test area turns out well, scrub all of the upholstered surfaces as needed.

Cleaning the Frames:  The frames of your furniture may be made out of everything from metal and plastic to wood and fiberglass. In most cases, pressure cleaning these materials using a relatively light stream of intensity is enough to remove stubborn stains and discoloration. If more significant effort is required, you may be able to use that same soapy mixture that you used to scrub the fabric. Be sure to rinse the frame with clean water after you have finished scrubbing it. You should allow these surfaces to dry thoroughly in the sun before you replace the cushions.

Enjoying Spotless Glass Surfaces:  Glass is most commonly found on outdoor tables, and these surfaces can easily collect and show dirt, pollen and other debris. If you start cleaning the glass by spraying a basic window cleaner onto the surface and wiping it with a paper towel, it may seem like you are simply wiping around a mud-like mess. A better idea may be to hose down the glass with a gentle stream of water before using window cleaning products and paper towels on them. This water will remove any larger pieces of dirt as well as loose debris. When using water on the glass, avoid using a power washing or pressurized stream. This could cause the glass to shatter, and this could create a dangerous situation for you and others nearby.

It may seem as though your outdoor furniture is constantly getting dirty, and this is because your pieces are exposed to the elements non-stop. Covering the items when they are not in use can help you to keep them clean for longer periods of time. It may also be helpful to clean them each week just as you clean the interior of your home. This will prevent thick layers of dirt from gathering on your furniture.

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