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Pressure Cleaning Naples & Roof Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing services in Naples, FL

Our LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) technology is environmentally safe, biodegradable, nontoxic, odorless, and USDA approved. This means that it is safe for use around your children, pets, swimming pools and plants.

Until now many homeowners had their driveways, roofs, decks, and siding ruined by using high pressure washing with bleaching agents - corrosive chemicals.

Our work is fully guaranteed. All technicians are fully company trained, certified and insured.

We offer you the opportunity to protect the value of the most important investment you own, your home. Whether you need to clean your roof, wood furniture, porches, patios, decks, fences or a good driveway pressure washing, don't  worry. Relax! Enjoy your time off.  Leave the dirty work to us. We can clean virtually any exterior area of your home with the lowest degree of environmental impact and the highest degree of efficiency, and effectiveness.  "We mean it when we clean it!"


Professional Roof Pressure Washing

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The high Florida humidity promotes the rapid growth of algae and mold. That's why your roof appears old and stained. Our roof cleaning system safely removes the mold and algae without damaging the aggregate in your shingles. We apply a coating to your roof that instantly attacks and dissolves the mold and algae. This roof cleaning system is widely recommended by manufacturers. The result is a clean, fresh built look.

Removal of stains also brings back the reflective qualities to the shingles. This helps keep cooling costs down as it reflects the suns rays rather than absorbing them. Your residence will look like new and be more efficient too!

By looking below your plumbing stacks you will see a clean spot that is the original color of your roof. We make the entire roof match that area. The procedure is quick and quiet with instantaneous results.

Asphalt shingles cannot withstand pressure cleaning. Pressure removes and loosens aggregate that is embedded in the shingle therefore shortening the life of your roof. Our system is totally pressureless and more affordable. We look forward to cleaning your roof so it can look better and be more efficient shedding water.

The benefits of our roof cleaning system are:

  • Pressure-less roof cleaning means Absolutely NO damage to your roof
  • One Application lasts 3 years
  • Prompt, courteous, professional service
  • Brings back that just built look
  • Preserves property value

Should you use Chlorine for roof cleaning?
The answer is a definitive no. Bleach will corrode metal including your gutters and roof flashing. Bleach releases a toxic gas while it is being sprayed and as it evaporates. Bleach may lighten stains, but the effect is temporary and discoloration will come back per the The American Roofing Manufacturers Association. Any bleach that hits any plants below will die. If anyone tells you they are going to softwash your roof that means bleach so you need to specifically ask a roof cleaner what they are using to clean your roof.

How much does roof cleaning cost?
This is a tough question to answer because it depends on several factors including the difficulty of the roof, the product used and the current condition of the shingles or tiles. If you contract with the cheapest guy they will either pressure wash your shingles or use bleach both of these options are terrible for your roof. We are the only company in SWFL that uses a pressure-less eco-friendly biodegradable product to protect your roof as well as your gutters and plants below. In the end we prefer to give you a firm bid to make sure we can give you the best value for your money

Why do you need roof cleaning?
The weather in SWFL is a perfect environement for fungus, algae and moss to grow on your roof. This is why cleaning your roof is so important. Roof cleaning maintains a nice aesthetic appearance, but it also protects your investment by extending the life of the roof. Once the staining and discoloration are removed from the roof you can also add a maintenance product that will adhere to the roof and keep your roof cleaner for longer.

How Often Should I Clean My Roof?
If you proper maintain your roof by keeping it free of debris, you should expect to repeat the roof cleaning process every two to three years in Southwest Florida. Another important element is consistent gutter cleaning at least once a year. Debris trapped in gutters add heat & causes rot as well as moss.

What are the stains & streaks on my roof?
Most of the time the dark streaks and are a form of algae. This algae is common in southwest Florida due to our humid environment and it is commonly known as Gloeocapsa Magma.

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